Bill Smith’s legacy can be seen all over his city, from the Old Mill District to the banks of the Deschutes River to the many charity organizations he supported. But the pioneer of modern Bend left another legacy: his office cat Teeny, who a year and a half after Smith’s death still patrols the William Smith Properties office making sure the staff stays in line.

“She’s an asset to the office,” said Peter McCaffrey, vice president of William Smith Properties. “She’s a lot of fun to have here and makes coming here fun. Bill’s deep down goal was that this always felt more like your living room than your workplace, and having a cat here has that effect.”

Bill Smith 1941-2022

Bill Smith, president and minority owner of William Smith Properties, and his cat Teeny.


Teeny the cat, a 12-year-old Manx mix, meows while strolling through the William Smith Properties Office in Bend on May 22.


Looking for a snack, Teeny the cat, a 12-year-old Manx mix, gets vocal to the humans working at William Smith Properties Office in Bend on May 22.


Pete McCaffrey, William Smith Properties vice president, holds Teeny the cat at his desk in the William Smith Properties Office in Bend on May 22. Teeny is a 12-year-old Manx mix.

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Morgan Owen has been a reporter with the Bend ֱܽ since 2023. She moved to Bend as an adult to experience the outdoors with her dog, Moose.

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"For 12 years Teeny has kept staff on their toes by bringing in live birds, snakes, squirrels and voles." Please keep Teeny indoors! To protect our native wildlife, and for her own safety.

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