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Jesse Wetmore of Canby, who died by suicide in August 2023, is remembered by his family as the "funcle," or fun uncle. He never refused to give a piggyback ride or play with his nieces, his sister, Sarah Greenwood said.

Jesse Wetmore was in crisis and threatening to hurt himself, and possibly others, with a gun at a popular mountain biking trailhead near Bend last June. That day ended with authorities confiscating his gun through Oregon’s red flag law.

But just a few months later, Wetmore would be dead.

Jesse Memorial Bench Eco Park Canby.jpg

A handcrafted bench in Echo Park in Canby memorializes Jesse Wetmore with carvings of his favorite animal, a bear, and an elk in reference to his love for hunting and being outdoors.

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Editor’s note: This story contains reference to and a description of suicide.


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Guy made a decision that was his to make, don’t blame anyone else.


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